April 2, 2019

Making Choices From A Young Age

Learning how to make decisions will help your child become more independent and confident. You can help facilitate good decision making from a young age. It is never too early to begin this. For example, even infants can decide what they want to wear. Take out two outfits and describe them fully. Your child can be instructed to point to the desired option. Even a child with early language can demonstrate preferences and be a part of his or her decision making. When it comes to packing lunches, your child should have a balanced meal. It would be too open-ended to have a child in Grade 2 decide all aspects of a meal. But, by providing parameters and explaining the number of fruits, vegetables, grains etc., you will be impressed by what your child can come up with. Even homework can become a choice if we re-package the activity. Allow your child to decide what order he or she will carry out the steps. Helping your child make good choices will eventually generalize into other domains of his or her life. Regardless of the type of decision, your child will remember how he or she felt when making the decision and corresponding adult reaction.  Learning how to make choices is important.