January 24, 2019

“I’m bored.” What are kids really saying?

Whether you are a teacher or parent, it is important to contextualize what is actually being said by your students and children. People express themselves in the best way that they know how to. Children don’t always have the vocabulary or life experience to articulate their feelings and observations. What does “I am bored at school” really mean? This statement can mean many different things depending on the individual. It is important to take what is being said seriously and investigate. The student can be restless with too much desk time. A student may not be sufficiently challenged with work. The work could be too challenging. There could be a learning deficit or underlying difficulty. The student may not feel supported by friends or connect with the teacher. There are also many other reasons!  It is important to dig deeper and try to understand what your child is really saying before jumping to conclusions. You may want to ask, “What would you do differently if you could change anything at school?”. This can be a good starting point to better understand what is really being said. Seeking the answer may take time.